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Start 2024 Right: Join WD Tech's Partner Program for Design Professionals

As we usher in the new year, we're thrilled to announce an exciting opportunity for Wix Partners and design/development professionals. Starting 2024 off right means unlocking new avenues for growth and revenue. We're here to help you achieve just that with the launch of the WD Tech Partner Program. All you need to do is work with our suite of Wix Apps as you continue to support your clients.

Why Partner with WD Tech?

Elevate Your Earnings

2024 is the year to supercharge your income. As a Wix Partner or design/development professional, you can now join the WD Tech Partner Program and earn lucrative commissions. Whether you're an experienced expert or just starting, our tiered program ensures that your efforts are rewarded. Start as a Starter and work your way up to becoming an Expert, earning up to 40% commission on each sale.

Flexibility to Suit Your Growth

We understand that your business is dynamic, and so is our program. Begin as a Starter with just one active site using a premium version of our app. As you expand your client base, you can seamlessly transition to the Expert tier, requiring only three active sites. This flexibility ensures that your partnership with WD Tech aligns with your business's natural progression.

Empower Your Portfolio

Boost your portfolio by offering your clients the innovative Wix Custom Solutions application suite. With WD Tech, you have the opportunity to showcase cutting-edge technology and provide tailored solutions to your clients. Enhance your reputation as a provider of top-notch services and stay ahead of the competition.

Self-Referral for Extra Rewards

We believe in rewarding your dedication. As a WD Tech Partner, you can self-refer and use your unique code to upgrade internal projects. This means you not only earn commission on client upgrades but also on your own initiatives. It's a win-win scenario that encourages you to explore new possibilities within your own business.

Starting Fresh in 2024: The Wix App Coupon Advantage

To kick off the year right, we're introducing the Wix App Coupon advantage. Upon approval, each partner receives a unique coupon for every application we offer.

How to Get Started

Becoming a WD Tech Partner is straightforward. Simply apply for approval, and upon acceptance, you'll receive your unique coupons. Use these coupons to empower your clients, unlock commissions, and elevate your business. The Partner Portal allows you to track your revenue, providing transparency and control over your earnings.

Publicize Your Success: Social Media, Blogs, and More

In the spirit of starting 2024 off right, we encourage our partners to publicize their success. Share your coupon codes on social media, write blogs about your experiences, and incorporate them into your email campaigns.

Your Gateway to Success as a Wix Website Developer in 2024

2024 is the year to transform your business, and the WD Tech Partner Program is your gateway to success. Elevate your earnings, empower your portfolio, and enjoy the flexibility and rewards that come with being a valued partner. Apply today, embrace the possibilities, and start 2024 off right with WD Tech.

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