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Getting Started with

Personalized Display Elements

1. Install the App

You must first install the app from your Wix Editor screen. To find the app, visit:

2. Select Your Elements

Our app offers you a library of no-code solutions to make your Wix site more customizable to your user. This includes messages like, "Welcome, [First Name]," device-specific buttons, and elements that display based on conditions like whether or not they're logged in or if they have a paid subscription.

Example Video

The video below shows an example of how to work with personalized elements:

Note the steps we take:

  1. First we drag an element onto the page

  2. We customize the texts based on our use case. In this example, a contact page

  3. The fallback name is set to "Customer," so if the user is not logged in or doesn't provide their name, this is the term they will see

  4. When we preview the page, the correct nam (i.e. Joey) loads on the screen

3. Book a Design Consultation

We want to help you develop the best Wix site possible, so we offer a free intro consultation if you'd like a more thorough walkthrough before or after purchase:

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