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Wix App Refund Policy

Refund Policy as of January 1, 2024

At WD Tech, LLC, we prioritize customer satisfaction with our Wix Apps. To ensure a fair refund process, we've outlined the following policy:

  1. 14-Day Refund Policy for New App Subscriptions: We extend a 14-day window for customers to request a refund for new app subscriptions. Refunds within this timeframe will only be considered if accompanied by screenshots, recordings, or other forms of proof demonstrating that the application is failing to function as advertised.

  2. Refund Request Timeline: Refunds requested beyond the initial 14-day period will be subject to the sole discretion of WD Tech, LLC. We reserve the right to accept or reject refund requests based on individual circumstances and the evidence provided.

  3. Recurring Subscription Refunds: Refund requests for recurring subscriptions, starting from the second billing period onwards, will not be entertained. Users are encouraged to cancel their subscription before the next billing cycle through the Wix App Manager to avoid further charges.

  4. Subscription Management: Please note that all Wix App subscriptions are managed exclusively through Wix. WD Tech, LLC does not have the authority to cancel, modify, or directly refund app subscription sales. Refund requests must be initiated by WD Tech, LLC through the Wix developer portal. Ultimately,, Ltd. retains final discretion over whether to issue full or partial refunds requested by WD Tech, LLC on behalf of the customer in applicable cases.


By subscribing to our Wix Apps, you agree to adhere to the terms outlined in this refund policy. If you encounter any issues or have questions regarding refunds or subscription management, please contact our customer support team for assistance. Thank you for choosing WD Tech, LLC's Wix Apps.

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