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Getting Started with

Discounts for Paid Plan Holders

1. Install the App

You must first install the app from your Wix Editor screen. To find the app, visit:

2. Add the Invisible Cart Element

Next, you'll want to drag the cart element onto your cart page. This element is not visible to users, but is essential as it loads the program on your site in the correct way so the discount may be applied:

The location of the widget won't matter. We recommend adding it towards the bottom so it doesn't get in your way while editing. Make sure you hit publish after adding the widget!

NOTE: The widget used will depend on what type of pricing plan you would like to offer. If you are only offering a single discount (available with both Pro and Business Plan), you will add the "Single Discount Cart Widget"

If you are offering as many as three tiers of pricing plan discounts (only available with Business Plan), you willl add the "Tiered Cart Page Widget"

3. Set the Discount Code - For PRO Plan

Finally, you'll want to create a discount code for your paid members. You will first want to navigate to the copuons section of your Wix Dashboard. You can follow their instrucitons here to set that code:

When setting the code, you must use the following: Member-Discount

The discount for this coupon will be applied for your members in their shopping cart.

NOTE: If a non-paying member attempts to apply this code at checkout, our application will automatically remove it.

3.1 Set the Discount Code - For BUSINESS Plan

You'll need to create a discount codes for your paid members and name the plans.

You will first want to navigate to the Pricing Plans section of your Site Dashboard.

For plan names, you'll have to specifically name them: "Bronze Plan", "Silver Plan" and "Gold Plan".

Next, navigate to the copuons section of your Site Dashboard.

The names of the coupons must be: "Bronze-Discount", "Silver-Discount", and "Gold-Discount".

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