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SEO Services

Our SEO services cater to businesses of all sizes, offering a range of options from simple maintenance to more in-depth keyword research and content creation. While we offer one-off services, we suggest working with us on a consistent basis to see the best results from our optimization strategies. With our expertise in search engine optimization, we can help drive traffic to your website and improve your online presence.


Basic SEO - Our basice SEO services consists of completing the Wix SEO checklist for up to five (5) pages each month. 


Full Local SEO 

We complete the following steps on a monthly basis with an emphasis on local search visibility:

  • Boost Your Website's Visibility: Our team focuses on helping small businesses thrive in the digital marketplace. We start by finding the best keywords for your products and artists, using tools like SEMRush and Ahrefs. By optimizing your website's content and meta tags, we strategically target these keywords to improve your search engine rankings.
  • Optimize Your Website's Content: We'll make sure your website content, including product information and artist bios, follows SEO best practices. This includes optimizing meta tags, headers, URL slugs, and other elements to boost search engine visibility and enhance user experience.
  • Improve SEO with Json Schema Code: To give your website an extra SEO boost, we'll create or update the Json schema code. This structured data markup helps search engines better understand and index your content, making your website more visible in search results.
  • Create Engaging Content for SEO: Content is key to SEO success. Our team will craft original, engaging, and relevant content tailored to your audience. This content can improve on-page SEO by optimizing existing pages or serve as off-page SEO assets to attract high-quality backlinks.
  • Build Quality Backlinks Monthly: Backlinks are crucial for improving search rankings. We'll use ethical and white hat practices to acquire 20+ relevant and high-quality backlinks each month, boosting your website's authority and visibility.
  • Track SEO Performance on a Custom Dashboard: Stay informed about your website's SEO performance with our custom dashboard. Integrated with Google Analytics (GA4) and Google Search Console (GSC), it provides insights into organic traffic, keyword rankings, and other key metrics.

SEO Services

PriceFrom $75.00
Price Options
Ongoing SEO Service
$75.00every month until canceled
  • While we do not have a minimum subscription period, we do recommend that clients plan on a 3-6-month period of SEO services to maximize the benefits of the services. The horizon for realizing the effects of any SEO effort is typically 90-180 days.

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