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Find Out Why Rotating Text Elements is One of the Top-Trending Apps in the Wix App Market

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Enhance Your Wix Site's Capabilities with Custom Solutions by WD Tech

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Build custom user experiences for Wix websites with no-code solutions.

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example of wix custom solutions from wd strategies

No-Code Solutions for Wix Website UX

  • Access the library of 20+ no-code elements that adapt based on the user

  • Upgrade your Wix site's e-commerce capabilities by letting users request a quote or save with a pricing plan

  • Drag and drop elements that display dynamic user content like, "Welcome, [First Name]"

  • Display elements to users based on login and/or paid plan status

  • Showcase your work with a simple Before & After widget

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Automatic Paid Plan Discounts for Wix

Build a robust e-commerce revenue model by offering discounts to your paid plan holders. This works similar to Amazon's Prime Membership. Our solution gives you the chance to build a more predictable recurring revenue position.

How Wix Paid Plan Discounts Work

Offering discounts to paid plan users is simple! You only have to follow two steps:

  1. Add our app's widget to your cart page & press publish

  2. Create a discount coupon in your Wix Dashboard that will be automatically applied when paid members check out

If a user who doesn't hold a paid plan with your store attempts to use your coupon code, our system will automatically reject their input.

example of automatic discount for wix app

Request a Quote for Wix

Let Wix website users request quotes for products in their cart.

Let Users Request a Quote in Two Easy Steps

Wix website owners who sell online often want to give users the chance to request a quote. This is especially important if you sell products wholesale.


We made our quote request tool simple to install. You'll add one widget to your cart page to receive requests, and another to a private or dashboard page to review them.

Looking for help getting started? Book a free demo to learn more with one of our App Team Experts:

example of request a quote app for wix

Personalized Wix Elements

Modern customers expect a level of personalization when browsing a website. User-Wise Wix Elements gives website owners a no-code solution to add dynamic elements that pull in user data, display buttons and other elements based on the user's status, and more.

example of personalized welcome app for wix

Personalized Elements

Easily create personalized site elements. Greet your website visitors by name instead of with generic headlines.

Display Content Conditionally

Now Wix website owners can choose whether to display elements to logged in or logged out users. This helps customize new and returning users' experiences.

example of paid plans specific content app for wix

Display Elements by Paid Plan Status

If you're building a subscription model, you'll want to display calls to action to anyone not on a plan. Our library of no-code solutions allows you to add elements (like banners) for unpaid members only.

example of device-specific download button in wix

Device-Specific Download Buttons

Promote your mobile app with "smart" device-wise buttons that detect the device the user has and only shows the corresponding download button. These buttons also include the appropriate app store logo.


The before image gives you a chance to show where the project was when you started.

Before & After Display for Wix

We all know that showing beats telling... but how we choose to show can affect your would-be customer's perception of your brand. That's why Before & After for Wix makes it easy to showcase your best work & win new customers. 

Choose from three element templates and give your website visitors an easy, interactive way to view your best work.

Serving Wix Clients

WD Tech is focused on serving businesses that use Wix websites. In addition to continual development of new solutions, we also support custom website designs and other digital services. 

Our team of Wix developers and designers are required to stay up to date with both Wix and industry-wide trends, and is committed to continuous self-improvement of its members.


Over 300+ Wix Clients & Counting

WD Tech is a subsidiary of WD Strategies. Our parent company is proud to have served over 300 Wix clients since its inception in 2020. It's from these client-facing experiences as a Velo-certified developer that our team draws inspiration for our Wix Apps. We have tracked the most common client feature requests that normally require an engineering process and larger budget.

We're dedicated to making these best solutions accessible to every Wix user.

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